Standalone Service

Extended Warranty

  • Highlights and Benefits:

    • Easy process to avail benefits.
    • Peace of mind by protecting vehicle against unexpected repair work.
    • Cost minimization.
  • Payment Options:

    • Avail Extended Warranty for 2+1 Year / 80,000 kms (covering 3rd year) at attractive price
    • Avail Extended Warranty for 2+2 Years / 1,00,000 kms (covering 3rd and 4th year) at exclusive price and added benefits
  • Buying Period:

    • Extended Warranty to be availed within 2 years of new vehicle warranty period
    • Flexibility to avail extended warranty at different intervals within 2 years of new vehicle warranty at attractive price in various time intervals
      0-365 days
      366-545 days
      546-730 days

EW: Extended Warranty

Road Assistance

  • Highlights and Benefits:

    • 24 X 7 assistance service across India*
    • Dedicated toll-free numbers
    • Roadside repair service in breakdown events
    • Onward or return courtesy vehicle service
    • Hotel accommodation
    • Transportation to home town post repair
  • Payment Options:

    • Avail Roadside Assistance for 1 Year at exclusive price
    • Avail Roadside Assistance for 2 Years at attractive price benefits
  • Buying Period:

    • Roadside Assistance renewal can be availed at any point of time

*RSA within covered limits.
RSA: Roadside Assistance
Courtesy Vehicle: Vehicle is given to customer on temporary basis for continuation of onward or return journey in the event of the breakdown or accidents.

Drive Assure Elite
Add-on Insurance

  • Highlights and Benefits:

    • Depreciation Shield
    • Engine Protector
    • Vehicle Replacement Advantage
    • Accident Shield
    • Cover against Damage due to Rodent
    • Wheel Rim Damage
  • Payment Options:

    • To be availed additionally for 1st, 2nd or 3rd year at attractive price and added benefits of coverage of wheel rim damage and damage due to rodent
  • Buying Period:

    • Renew Drive Assure Elite Add-on Insurance in 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year

Insurance at sole discretion of the insurance company.

Volkswagen Co-branded
Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Highlights and Benefits:

    • Use of OEM parts for accidental repair claims
    • Bundled branded insurance & finance products
    • 24 X 7 dedicated Call Centre for intimation of claims and other related services
    • Cashless Services across all Volkswagen Authorised Dealers in India
    • Fast and simple processing for customers without additional work and expenses
    • Better and extensive coverages
    • Online renewal facility for customers
    • Exclusive benefits offered in Volkswagen Co-branded insurance
  • Payment Options:

    • Volkswagen Co-branded Motor Insurance for 1 year to be availed at the time of purchase of vehicle
  • Buying Period:

    • To be availed at the time of vehicle purchase at nominal price to be renewed every year

Insurance at sole discretion of the insurance company.
Co-branded: Insurance offered by Volkswagen with agreement with the Third Party Service Provider.
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer.